Hello dear people,

I would like to mention in this video that my last video on this platform has been removed. You can watch this video on another platform, there is a link in the video description. (https://vimeo.com/401598990)

I wonder why YouTube removed the video. Probably an intern on YouTube just made a mistake :-). This video, which I uploaded on March 26th and was removed 2 days later, is about the fact that the test procedures have no meaning at all.

The more people tested, the more people tested positive. There are people who have been tested for the coronavirus on suspicion of being infected. Even after 2 weeks they were tested positive,  although they had no symptoms like cough or fever. If healthy people are tested positive, you have to ask yourself: What is the benefit of a test if healthy people are also tested positive? There is no benefit. Conversely, this means that a certain part of the population, whether you are healthy or unhealthy, is always tested positive.

So the more people get tested, the more people get a positive test result. And then the government claims that the virus is spreading, as an excuse to restrict civil rights. In addition, the number of infected people increases when you change the case definition. Amazing! That is awesome!

So it says in the “Tagesspiegel” (german Newspaper)

„There will be a phase in Berlin when we have to handle to much cases.Then no tests will be done. Cases with clear symptoms go into the statistics like clinically tested cases.In other words, if someone has the corresponding symptoms, he is included in the statistics of the infected corona patients, even though he has not done a test. This type of count can be introduced at any time.“

In principle, the number of infected people can then be adjusted at any time as needed. It is always pretended that diseases can only arise because people are infected. That is just incorrect.

How do we really get sick? We become ill through personal blows of fate, through unexpected events and due to fears of existence. There are countless occurrences that cause people to get sick. These are just a few examples.

Let us imagine the following utopian situation: 5,000 adult people live in a small town.Each of the 5,000 people lives alone in their home and is completely isolated from other people for months. Do you really think that nobody can get the flu just because they have no contact with other people? Of course, you can get sick without contacting anyone.

Because it is personal conflicts that can cause different diseases. A dramatic conflict would be e.g. fears of existence if the job is in danger. If the gastronomy and all branches that are particularly hard hit by the corona crisis have to close their business over several months, then millions of jobs are at risk and tens of thousands of people will get sick.

But that is not the virus that makes people get sick relatively often. It is the worries and fears of exit that will make people sick. In this case the media would try to convince you that the virus has mutated. So whenever you hear that the virus is mutated, you know that it is absolute nonsense, because it is different, personally felt conflicts that cause different diseases.

And I ask you to distribute this important video that has been removed from this platform. In this video I explain in simple words and in a way that everyone can understand what the corona virus actually is, a staged play to restrict our civil rights.

And honestly people, today it’s still relatively easy to convince people that it’s all a hoax. In a month when people no longer dare to leave the house without breathing masks, it will be much more difficult. And I know that some people are already hysterical.

And I know some of them are completely blown by the wind today, but that’s not the point. But it’s not about these people. You can follow me on Telegram. (Kochen-mit-Willi / t.me/kochenmitwilli)

If you want, you can now follow me on Telegram. As long as we are given the opportunity to bundle ourselves, regardless of YouTube, we should take advantage of the opportunity.

All right, dig in here. Stay pure.