Hello dear Americans,

here is a summary of my video.

The President of Tanzania has tested a goat and a pawpaw for the corona virus. The result: positive.

This proves that the test procedures have been manipulated.

Here’s another proof that the corona tests are tampered with:

In Germany, many employees of slaughterhouses were tested for the coronavirus. In 5 slaughterhouses, at least 23.4% of the employees tested positive for the coronavirus. In one slaughterhouse 52.1%.

What is the reason why so many people have been tested for coronavirus in slaughterhouses?

Many people who work in slaughterhouses come from Eastern Europe (e.g. Romania) and live in a room with other people. The elite is looking for evidence that it is supposedly dangerous to live in a room with other people.

However, it turned out that 90% of the people tested positiv in the slaughterhouses had no symptoms. 10% had only mild symptoms. No one was in mortal danger. What significance does a positive test result have, when almost all people are healthy?

The tests are clearly manipulated.

Each of us has the opportunity to debunk the tests.

Do you have a doctor in your relatives?

Ask him, like the President of Tanzania, to smear (test) a kiwi or banana.

Another way to expose the tests: If you know someone who has tested positive, then please run a second test. Because the tests are manipulated, it can happen that the second test shows a different result.

A third way to expose the tests: write an email to a hospital so that the doctors, like the President of Tanzania, take a smear of animals, plants or similar things.