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But this video, which is now about, is really violent and me
will go deep into the rabbit hole with you. Who else on it
believes that the corona virus is something other than a normal one
Flu, please watch one of these videos first.
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In this video I am going to set up 6 theories as to why this is worldwide
Theater play called Coronavirus is performed.

I start with relatively harmless theories and any further theory will
be creepier

I found out really blatant things.

The following applies to all theories.

The WHO can delay this staged pandemic for many years.
The artificial pandemic can also be declared ended at any time
and it can be triggered again at any time. Either with that
old virus or with a new virus.
It can also be said at any time that the virus is mutated.
Everything is possible without problems.

The theories mentioned can of course also intersect.
Applies to every theory: the virus is the scapegoat.

We come to the first and thus most harmless theory.

The corona virus will be terminated in the near future. The
On the whole, the world will continue to run just as before.

Why should one have staged such a worldwide play?

One would have come a big step closer to cash abolition.
Today cash has lost a lot of trust.
In my opinion it is only a matter of time before cash
may be the main culprit for the transmission of corona viruses
In addition, the corona virus is another invisible enemy
create that the elite can pull out of your hat at any time.
The play would then have been a good dress rehearsal too
see what people can do with them and how they react.

The second theory is illness through mass unemployment.
A lot of people are going unemployment because of that
drastic measures taken by the government.

The longer the artificial crisis lasts, the more companies leave
Broke. Mass unemployment occurs. Worry, isolation,
Fears for existence, fears for the future and any unexpected events such as
termination causes illness.
But then it’s not the corona virus that people get sick
but it is the individual, personally felt conflicts
that people get sick. So should you in the course of
Mass unemployment hear that the virus is mutated
(people get sick not because of the virus, but because of the worries)
, then you know that they are absolute
Acting nonsense. I hope everyone can imagine that
can also get sick from personal blows of fate.

The 3rd theory

The global financial system is collapsing.

Our ailing money system, which is based on fiat money, has been around
for a long time
many years shortly before the collapse.
Should the financial system collapse in the wake of the corona virus, it
would be
good move by the world conspirators.
After all, who should people be mad at, if the bank account or the
Life insurance that has been paid in for decades suddenly
is worthless?
With the corona virus, the politicians and bankers would have an ideal one
Scapegoat found.

The 4th theory The total surveillance state.

We could be forced to install tracking apps with which everyone
Movement is recorded by us.
Cameras could also be installed everywhere, every step of the way
monitor by us to make sure that we also keep the minimum distance.
In addition, fever monitoring stations could be set up in many places,
that immediately raise the alarm if you have fever.
Furthermore, the population is allowed to slowly but surely take one
Get used to drone surveillance.
The absolute surveillance state, a horror scenario.

But it gets worse. Now I come to one
absolutely blatant theory about 5G. I am convinced that you are of this
Theory you’ve never heard of. It is absolutely amazing.

First, some information follows to understand the insane theory.

Basically, the drastic measures taken by the
Government more and more people have to work in the home office and
are dependent on the internet. So the mass of the population,
from a technical point of view, yelling for 5G sooner or later.

The following point is also interesting in this context. There was
several staged virus crises. In these crises they have
The media pulled the propaganda pull cord after a relatively short time.
Probably those were just tests for today’s Corona show.
The interesting thing is now the following.
So far, South Korea is the only country in which there is a nationwide 5G
There is network and in the rest of the world you are close to 5G
to be introduced nationwide. And right now,
to install 5G worldwide, the corona virus comes from the magic hat
jumped. And now, of all times, before the worldwide installation of
5G, the corona virus is a global propaganda like it is
has never happened before in our lives. Keep that in mind.

As you know, 5G has the advantage of being so fast that complex
Applications such as autonomous driving can be realized practically in
real time
can, so that there will be no perceivable loading times.

The disadvantage is: the higher the frequency, the lower the
Range. So that 5G works, a lot of antennas must be in
To be built close to people. The radiation exposure is thus a
increase many times over.

There are 1000 independent studies and 1000de independent scientists
which indicate that 5G is not good for people-, animals- and plantshealth.

What is striking is that practically all independent scientists
extensive studies on 5G call for it, on the other hand, everyone
Politicians, corporations and mass media downplay the risk of 5G.
(Image: digitization first, consider second)

In my opinion the radiation exposure cannot be so high that
all people get sick from it, because that would simply be noticed.

As a rule, electrosensitive people have other symptoms such as dizziness
or headache.

The question now is, will 5G make it significantly more electrosensitive
Give people? And if so, the coronavirus of the

In my opinion, this story is difficult to sell,
because the most common symptoms of electrosensitive people differ from the
usual flu symptoms deviate.

Besides, if someone is sensitive to electricity, then as long as wifi is
the symptoms are always present and the
sick people would have to find out sooner or later that
they get the radiation and not the virus.

If you should be permanently ill (after installation 5G),
please consider that it could cause 5G and not the Virus.

So far, most of it should have been known about 5G, now, things become
realley exciting!

This is the following. The military has microwave weapons.
With microwave weapons you can fight your opponent
drive to escape in seconds. Test subjects describe that
it feels like you’re suddenly standing in front of an extremely hot one
Oven. And that’s exactly what the microwave weapon is: a hot deterrent.
The weapon is silent, invisible, odorless and can be fired at
distance of up to 1000 meters can be used.
And here is thething: microwave weapons work in the same frequency range
like 5G.

And now it’s getting really creepy.
The microwave specialist Dr. Barrie Trower claims that it is possible
Microwaves with different pulse frequencies target diseases
such as shortness of breath.

If that were true, then it really looks over, because then the secret
would have an ultimate weapon that they can use against us at any time
can use.

Most current routers use two frequency bands, namely
2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The new 5G routers can also be 60
GHz spark.

And here is the thing: Wireless communication should be at 60 GHz
have the property to absorb oxygen particularly well.

Now what happens to the oxygen in the human body at one
60 GHz absorption?
To explain that would be very complicated, who is interested in that
I recommend watching the following minutes in this video,
where that is scientifically explained.
(english explain: Minute 13:13 – 16:58)

Of course I’m not Nikola Tesla but if I understood correctly,
then to put it simply, the wifi
60 GHz frequency is the most effective frequency around oxygen transport
to hinder the individual organs.

And what do we get all the time? What do people get sick of?
allegedly due to the coronavirus: an acute respiratory disease. Is
that maybe the reason why is currently always done in such a way that
respirators are missing everywhere. To manipulate us by doing so
act as if they are needed today even though they are actually
only needed in the future?

In this context, how macabre it is that there is a
There is a telecommunications company called Oxygen (O2).

Now I don’t think 5G generally means that people don’t
get some air, because that would be noticed at the moment, if only in
happens where 5G already exists, such as in
South Korea. Rather, I believe that the antennas are only a little bit
has to manipulate, for example by a secret service and people
using the 5G over WiFi suddenly no longer gets air.

Let’s take a look at the areas where there are supposedly a lot of them
Coronavirus should affect people
10% of the population of Wuhan will have 5G from November 1st, 2019
One month before the virus is said to have broken out.
Guess what was installed in a hospital in Wuhan that
Coronavirus patients. Robots powered by 5G.
In Madrid and New York the alleged Corona strongholds of their respective
Countries, 5G antennas have already been installed.

So in many areas where there were particularly many cases of corona
there should have been more or less 5G.

It may be that some people actually have an acute one
had respiratory disease because there were experiments with 5G
have been done by a secret service manipulating the frequencies?

The fact is that there are microwave weapons in the same
Frequency range work like 5G and people in seconds
can heat up.

The following is important to understand: If it is actually possible to use
5G manipulate the frequencies so that people target diseases
then the secret service could in every school, in every village or in
every district ensure that people suddenly run out of air
Obtain. The secret service could even apply that to a cruise ship.
(Video Simpsons (Season 23 / Episode 19)

Although I have to emphasize that it is on the cruise ship
Diamond Princess is said to have given no 5G. Whether that really
is true and whether people really got sick there or whether that
everything was just another staged play, I can only
difficult to assess.

But here is the kicker: if e.g. in a school
Suddenly many students have breathlessness and are hospitalized
then the students would think that each other
infected. Nobody would think that 5G is the
the trigger was because the next day the secret service could
Frequencies have long since normalized again and in school
no other person would get breathless in the future.

Again, if it is possible through 5G targeted diseases
trigger, then the world conspirators would have an ultimate secret weapon
in order to be able to trigger diseases at any time.
But unlike today, people are actually getting sick.

There is also another very important aspect to that
introduced the corona drama before the global launch of 5G
has been. Let us imagine that 5G is widespread in Germany
is installed and as a result, many people actually fall ill.
If someone suspects that people are going through 5G and
if the corona virus doesn’t get sick, then the mainstream media might
claim that the people even before the introduction of 5G on
Corona virus have become ill. Which of course is utter nonsense
because today nobody gets the corona virus, but one
normal flu but unfortunately the masses don’t know that.

But that’s just a wild theory, basically you should
Mainstream media are always suspicious of the images of
Hospital wards that are said to be overcrowded can easily
be manipulated. Here are just a few examples and I could show you
dozens of examples:
*** I recommand the video of the american YouTuber Dana Ashlie:

So what I’m getting at is this. Just because we’re dramatic
Pictures of crowded hospitals are shown and just because of it
means that there is a lack of ventilators in America,
then it doesn’t have to be true automatically. The media can tell us a
lot. I
Rather assume that we are being looked at with these pictures
wants to prepare what could actually come to us. I
emphasize this train of thought again because it is very important. The
Mainstream media could come up with the argument that it will
even before the introduction of 5G, an incredible number of sick people
given by the corona virus. That is why there is currently only one
staged Corona show instead, as a pretext for the actual
many sick people who will probably only get 5G in the future
will come to sell credibly.

There is much to suggest that radiation has an impact
have flocks of birds.

In my research and via the Google period settings, since January 2011
there are articles reporting that Suddenly flocks of birds fall dead
from the sky
How can it be that only from 2011 whole flocks of birds all over the world
Falling sky. If you consider that birds are on the earth’s magnetic field
orient, then only a logical explanation comes into question for me:
Electro magnetic radiation.

The question is whether tests with radiation have also been carried out

Particularly bizarre is the case in Triboltingen, which is a village in the
Switzerland, where more than 120 starlings fell from the sky at the same
There the birds were examined and they had bleeding from the LUNGS
and trauma noted. How scary it that.

Now there are no 5G antennas in Triboltingen itself. The most obvious
5G antenna is 4km away.

To what extent it is possible about this
Distance to manipulate the frequencies so that one can
I could not judge flock of birds from the sky.
I do not know if it is possible to manipulate the frequencies
over this distance so that a flock of birds falls from the sky.

We come to the next topic of vaccination.

Just a few background information. Bill Gates is
a fat spider, all threads in a gigantic network
pulls. I don’t want to mention here where Bill Gates is everywhere
has a little vaccination finger in the game, because it would take me hours.
From the Robert Koch Institute to all pharmaceutical companies to
WHO. Bill Gates invests money everywhere and practices in all of them
Organizations massive influence.

It would be a brilliant move if it could be done over 5G
specifically trigger diseases. But people are made by
ubiquitous propaganda think they are because of evil
Coronavirus get sick and all people in the world would be around one
Begin vaccine. And now guess which „philanthropist“ as
charitable hero who will come around the corner to give us vaccines
to sell. Right Uncle Bill.

He himself already demands that everyone be vaccinated against
to get the corona virus.
At the latest now it should be clear who is interested in the
coronashow. Should really 7
Billion people get a vaccine to make money on
then he will make real leaps of joy.

I’m very critical of Bill, among other things,
that he provides companies with money to inject contraceptives
to manufacture.

He also invests his money in contraceptive chips that are a hormone
due to which women do not become pregnant.

So Bill Gates really takes the overpopulation issue seriously.

What we resent him for is his new lover project, namely ID2020,
that he started with the Rockerfeller Foundation.

What is the official goal of ID2020?
There are 1.1 billion people in the world who have no ID,
or have any other document with which they can identify themselves.
Accordingly, 1.1 billion people are not registered anywhere.

Now Bill Gates want to give these people digital identification.
Unfortunately, nowhere is it explained in detail how to do that
tried to implement digital identification.

And lo and behold, as if the corona crisis did not work out
comes, the voices are now loud that every person in the world
get a digital vaccination certificate.

The fact is that Bill Gates is developing quantum dot tattoos

Quantum dot tattoos is a technology with the
Vaccination data is printed directly on the skin using invisible ink
is only visible under infrared light. So should
can be quickly identified in the future using the mark on the skin
can know which people have been vaccinated and which have not.
Honestly folks, what kind of guy is Bill Gates? Somehow
he seems to have a fetish for getting people under their skin
want to plant.

By the way, this technology is already being used on homeless people today
test rabbits tested in Austin. Bangladesh becomes the first country
where technology is used on a grand scale.
It would then be only a question of time before the technology reached
us too.

To complete the vaccination topic.
Vaccinations will never be the solution to the problem. Vaccinations
don’t make us healthy. Rather, vaccinations are part of the problem.

Allegedly there were particularly many in northern Italy, in Bergamo and
Corona virus deaths. Now it is strange that it is the last
Vaccination campaigns in Bergamo and Brescia.

In Bergamo alone, there were 129,000 people with a vaccination rate of 56.2%
vaccinated against influenza older than 65 years.

Should actually be more people in Bergamo and Brecia this year
died than usual, then there is reason to suspect that it is up to the
Vaccinations could have been. In the course of this, one could assume that
you want to get rid of the older population with vaccines. That would
also easy to implement because the older population is particularly
afraid of
has the virus and is already crying out for a vaccine because of them
there is constant persuasion that they supposedly belong to the risk group.
From the perspective of the world conspirators, the elderly are one
Block on the leg because they are particularly loyal to the cash and
they themselves
also not so easy to digitize. Online banking,
Online orders, digital vaccination card, chips under the skin
plant. All things that are more popular with young people.

Let’s finish

We all agree that the corona virus is nothing more than a flu.
The people who
allegedly died of coronavirus at an average age of 82
, as is the case in all previous centuries
always been the case, are died of flu. That is mother
Nature, people in old age sometimes die from one
Cold. But what I could imagine is that over the
usual flu, a few more people than usual on vaccination tests
or died of tests with 5G.

But. I am convinced that there will actually be many in the near future
will give sick people.
This artificial play cannot be kept alive forever.
Each of us has friends or acquaintances
who work in healthcare. And if we ask people if they
Hospitals are full because of Corona and whether there is more to do there
then you always get the same answer, something like:
„No, there is actually just as much going on as before Corona“.

So the question remains, what will make people sick in the future?

Through isolation or other conflicts triggered by the drastic
Government measures? Through 5G, either through the increased
Radiation exposure or deliberately manipulated? Or through vaccines that
we will soon be seeing vaccine manufacturers funded by Uncle Bill
receive? Everything is possible, everything is just a theory. Whatever
happens one thing is
sure: the coronavirus will be a scapegoat.

In the end I also have positive news for you.
In view of such clown pictures (video), I consider it quite
it’s possible that we’ll stop the new world order.
Its hilarious. And if you look at Bill Gates
look at the joy with which he leads Interviews these days is
thought not so far off the mark.

Seriously, the only way to get this corona madness
stop is an enlightened people.

Take an example from Bill Gates. He wants the world
change he does something for it. Bill Gates could be
Build satanic empire only because it is active, because he has acted.

It is still easy to educate people, but if people like e.g. in the
Test site Jena (german city), first everyone running around with a
protective mask will be
be much more difficult. What is the psychological effect if
all running around with a protective mask? Fear pure fear.

And I know how difficult it is to educate people and how quickly you are a
Conspiracy oddball. But what other choices do you have? You
have to do something. You must. You have no choice. Because that’s it
only alternative. (RFID CHIP)

But please don’t fall into a frozen state.

But does something, writes, for example, bright YouTubers who
to report all this madness here.

Every comment and thumbs up also bears fruit. Whose
you always have to be aware.

And if you want to educate people who don’t have conspiracy theories
have so much on their minds, my video that I put on
Uploaded Telegram on April 02. In a nutshell, it becomes logical
explains why the corona virus is a staged fake to ours
Restrict civil rights.
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So dear ones, even if the whole theater is hard to bear
still try to take everything somehow with humor because humor is a weapon.