On August 29th, 2020, hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated against the corona measures in Berlin, in “Strasse des 17 Juni”

Allegedly, 400 right-wing extremists stormed the Reichstag.

The following suggests that this was a staged play.

Before people went to the Reichstag, Tamara Kirschbaum, an informant, gave a speech on a stage.

With false statements, she encouraged people to go to the Reichstag.

She claimed that Trump is in Berlin and that there are many police officers at the embassy.

She claimed that the police took off their helmets as a sign that people should go to the Reichstag.

Before Tamara Kirschbaum and other V-men were on stage, they called many people with a megaphone to make their way from Straße des 17 Juni to the Reichstag.

That was not a spontaneous action, as she later claimed in a telephone interview.

In addition, 3 police officers are said to have prevented 400 people from entering the Reichstag. That’s ridiculous. The demonstrators wanted to demonstrate on the stairs of the Reichstag.

One of the 3 police officers is called Karsten Bonack. He has already gained acting experience on German television. In “Achtung Kontroll” and “Stern TV”. Karsten Bonack is now being celebrated as a hero because he stood in front of the door of the Reichstag to prevent people from entering. (Minute 5:42 – https://youtu.be/SGNs1hlHY_o) This is all a show.