Hello dear people,

So first of all we should all be overjoyed that nothing happened in Seattle.

And although I’m the idiot now, I would have to
dance naked on the tables for joy.

Better to be called an idiot than to experience World War III.

I was convinced that it would crash in Seattle on 11/3/2019.

I am aware that with my videos I scared many people. That was
never my intention. It was always my goal to warn people in Seattle of a possible attack.
I wanted to save the lives of as many people as possible.
I’ve never made a secret of that, and I’ve done everything conceivable.

Nothing happened in Seattle and I can not explain myself logically why nothing happened.

For me, everything pointed to the fact that an attack takes place on

Although Savier’s prognosis did not materialize, I still have the
deepest respect for the allusions that Savier has discovered. Because in principle everything was right.

I would like to summarize again, why I was convinced that
on 11/3/2019 an attack in Seattle takes place.

1. 11/3/2019 has been a Sunday.
2. On 11/3/2019 a football match took place. For me, a football game was an
ubiquitous code.
3. 11/3/2019 is the third day of the month in the 44 calendar week.
Code 344 or 443 was common.
4. For me, the fire in Notre-Dame and the Amazon forest fires
were brand symbols that it takes place this year.
5. In general, there were dozens of references to 11/3.

There were so many allusions to this date and yet nothing happended in Seattle.

All the main reasons why nothing happened on 11/3/2019 do not make sense to me. There are 3 main reasons why nothing happened.

1. MAIN REASON: An attack was never planned. The allusions in all media
have been just a coincidence.

I think that is possible, but unlikely. In the sum, other YouTubers and I have found thousends of allusions to a possible attack in Seattle.

Of course, you could say „He who seeks shall find“
In my opinion, that is not so clear.
Not in this case. 10.20 or 40 allusions can be a coincidence. But not if there are thousends of allusions. I have to emphasize, what others YouTuber and I showed you, that was not all. I have received a lot more hints about the comments. Due to time constraints, I could not edit all hints.

„He who seeks shall find“ that’s often true. But if you’re looking for
1,000,000$ in cash with your neighbor, will you find them? Most likely not. You can only find something, if there is something.

And there are thousands of hints that Seattle associates with a
catastrophe. Its existence cannot be argued away, even after 11/3/2019.

3.11 Minute

I am unable to properly translate the scene between 3.11 and 6:00.
This excerpt is not that important.

6.00 Minute:

Only those people can imagine the gigantic coincidence who watched all my videos about Seattle.
But who has the time to watch all these videos? Hardly anyone.
And even then you would only see a fraction of the allusions that
actually exist. Because other YouTubers have found out even more.

Personally, it is very hard to believe in coincidence because of the
many hints. I think it is generally possible, but unlikely.

But there are 2 very good reasons why an attack was never planned:

1. If a bad elite has been planning an attack for many years, why am I still alive? Why did not the people involved with Seattle get killed?

2. Why were the channels that deal with Seattle not censored?
For the elite, that would have been a breeze and the news could never have spread so quickly.

I can not answer these questions. Because nothing happened in Seattle, perhaps an attack was never planned.

2 MAIN REASON: The Videos about Seattle could stop the staged attack.

It would be too easy to say, that the videos have prevented the attack. I think that’s possible too, but unlikely.

In my opinion, when the elite has planned a staged attack in Seattle for many years, then they would execute it too. For the satanic elite, rituals and dates are very important.
I can not imagine that they broke the plan because a few people knew about it in advance.
The topic about Seattle has reached hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, but not enough to break the plan, in my opion.

3 MAIN REASON: The attack takes place on a different date.

Maybe the attack takes place on another date. Well, that’s possible, but I think that’s unlikely too.
The topic about Seattle has reached so many people, why should they delay the appointment?
The people are awake and the topic gets around.

In addition, the 11/3/2019 is the only date that has met all the criteria:
(Sunday, 443/344, November, Footballgame)

The next 11/3 which falls on a Sunday is the 11/3/2024. I can not imagine that an attack will happen in 5 Years.

So all 3 main reasons are possible but unlikely.

You notice that I’m desperate, because I can not explain logically that nothing happened.
Maybe the prayers will prevent the attack. But how likely is that…

I may never know if an attack was planned in Seattle.
But that’s the price I have to pay for driving half the world crazy.
But even if the probability is only 0.1% that other YouTubers and I have prevented a possible planned attack, then it was worth it.

And all those who think it is nonsense that staged events are displayed in the media in advance.
I recommend you, look at these 3 videos, which clearly show, that
political events were announced in the media before they occurred.
(links at the bottom)

In the first video, there are hundreds of examples in the media,
that suggest an attack on the Twin Towers.

In the second video I explain to you that the movie „Seven“, which came out in 1995, contains coded allusions to the attacks in London, which took place in 2005.

The third video contains a sensitive topic and was therefore censored on this platform. I uploaded it on another platform. This video is about the fact, that many years before Second World War began, it was announced that 6 million people would die in prison camps.

A link to these 3 videos can be found in the video description. (at the bottom)

What next with this channel? I think I will continue to torture you with videos, but the videos contain different themes.

Finally, I would like to thank all those who have continued to stand by me, although on 11/3/2019 nothing happened. I was really happy about that. I thought that the Shitstorm will be significantly higher.

I took full risk and I was aware that I could only lose. If something
happens, then I experience third world war. In this case, at least, I would have done everything to prevent it.
And if nothing happens, I`m the idiot. Quasi a lose – lose situation.
That the way it is when you take a risk. Now I am being criticized, I
have to deal with that. I am all the more delighted about a positive comment. Thank you very much.

Bright people, I wish you all the very best. Let’s be happy that nothing happended!
Let’s enjoy life and let’s dance samba together.

Videos aus denen eindeutig hervorgeht, dass politische Ereignisse angekündigt wurden,
bevor sie eingetreten sind:

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